From a small enterprise, Base Wood Products became a medium enterprise and was selected the 2014 BEST SET-UP adaptors in region 02.

Mr. Edgar B. Base Sr., is a businessman in profession, like very true entrepreneur, is an opportunity spotter. When he was a farmer and a free-lance salesman of office equipment and furniture, he saw the potential of the furniture industry. In 1994, with only P 20,000.00 initial capital, he began his furniture business with 15 workers and built his workshop beside his residence in Cauayan City, Isabela. His products include home and office furniture and building components made from narra. From being a farmer, he learned the value of hard work; from being a salesman he learned never to give up, to accurately appraise the market and make use of current situations.

The company’s thrust and quest for a long term excellence for the service it renders to its customers, working staff and the community, a set target or deadline of all orders is always undertaken and strictly implemented by the management in its operation. But since the supply of wood is now a dwindling resources and   prohibition on cutting of timber is now strictly enforced by the government, alternative source on the use of bamboo can be integrated as a mixed media or solely as “engineered bamboo” on the production of furniture (DepEd chairs) and other means for construction materials.

Base Wood Products availed the SET-UP program in 2012 for the provision of lumber kiln dryer, rice hull fed furnace, moisture meter, lathe machine, and milling machine for the production of wood and metal furniture especially for DepEd amounting of P 2,000,000.00.

The production of all wood furniture are affected by poor finishing quality due to high and uneven moisture of the lumber before preparation thereby resulting in poor quality of our products for all wood, hence, Lumber Kiln Dryer is highly requested through SET-UP in order to ensure quality dried lumber prior to processing into furniture.

With this, the sway of profitable opportunities was driven by the package of technology assistance under SET-UP program. The project was called “UPGRADING THE PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT OF BASE WOOD PRODUCTS”.

After the intervention, the gross income of the company rose up to 500% and 30% was also recorded increased in their employment.

Waste management of the company before the intervention, the company generates 500-1000 sacks of saw dust per month and trimmings of 600 sacks per month and tin cans, used sand papers and brushes. But wood trimmings are disposed at P60.00/sack, and rough sawdust at P20/sack for fuel usually sold to nearby household and by the workers of the company.  On the other hand, fine sawdust is bought by customers who are in mushroom production at P30/sack.  Tin cans are sold to junkshops while used sandpapers and other wastes are disposed off though LGU garbage collectors.

With the intervention of DOST RO2 through its Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX). The consultant explained to Mr. Base that the most environmentally resourceful and cost effective way to manage waste is to reduce the creation of the waste itself. Waste minimization should be seen as a primary focus for most waste management strategies. Proper waste management can require a significant amount of time and resources; therefore, it is important to understand the benefits of waste minimization and how it can be implemented in all sectors on his business, in an effective, safe and sustainable manner. Such as; Resource optimization, Reuse of scrap material, improved quality control and process monitoring, Waste exchanges, and Ship to point of use. Nowadays waste of Base Wood Furniture noticeably reduces of almost 30%.

The changing of technology has prompted the company to renew its commitment from DOST SET-UP and avail of new technologies which has higher demand and quality assurance to be provided among its contractors. The shifting of operation for the company is due to the log ban, hardship in obtaining forest product licenses and to contribute its share in climate change mitigation.














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