SAN MATEO, Isabela – DOST PSTC Isabela staff headed by Engr. Marcelo G. Miguel, Provincial Director, installed DOST’s Science and Technology Academic Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Station (STARBOOKS) to San Mateo North Central School, October 10, 2018.

STARBOOKS contains educational videos for science and mathematics students, documentary videos, supplemental materials related to science and technology supplemental readings, disaster and risk reduction processes, instructional videos, and several more resources that can help anyone learn.

The digital science library forms the core of the STARBOOKS that responds to the country’s public education’s need for reliable resource materials in the time when fake news and data is spread.

Ms. Angel Gorospe, SRS-II of DOST Isabela, installs STARBOOKS to the server computer of San Mateo North Central School

Citing data from the Department of Education, the science and technology expert at DOST said only 1 percent of public libraries are functional libraries.

STARBOOKS is a better option because Google can tell you everything, but not everything in Google is true. Also, the information from the e-library is beyond reproach because it is offered offline so not anybody can mess with the content.

Not only that. STARBOOKS is an offline resource that can be accessed by students free of charge straight from their own school libraries.

For more information about STARBOOKS, you may visit the nearest DOST office in your location.

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