Milling is a crucial step in post-production of rice, the basic objective of rice milling system is to improve the husk and the bran layers and produce an edible white rice kernel that is sufficiently milled and free of impurities depending on the requirements of the customers, and the rice should have a minimum of broken kernel.

Thru the assistance of the Department of Science and Technology Region 02 in Cooperation with the DOST Provincial Science and Technology Center, Isabela headed by Provincial Director, Engr. Marcelo G. Miguel. The Provision of KASAKA Brown Rice Production Equipment was established and inaugurated last July 18, 2014. The firm is owned and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Amor Mallare located at Purok 02, Callao Alicia Isabela.

According to Mr. Mallare the firm is processing well milled rice since year 2000. in view of the fact the well milled is lower value than that of brown rice which has higher Vitamin B content.

He said that the Municipality of Alicia is the widest agricultural irrigated land in the province of Isabela with more than 12 hectare square meter.

The firm has a captive market for its rice production and these are the employees of LGU Alicia ISabela consisting of some 396 employees who demanded for the high quality grain produced by the firm.

With the proposed interventions given to them by the Department of Science and Technology Mr. and Mrs. Mallare are very thankful because it increased in agricultural productivity will be realized hence, providing nutritious rice for the people of Isabela as well as those are aware of he benefits of brown rice as preferred to well polished.



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