DOST 2 director underlines importance of CCA-DRRM conference

Director Mabborang is hopeful for mechanisms and approaches to transfer technologies to the community.

“The community…the people…the citizenry is the most important stakeholder to me”, he said.

Also, the DOST 2 leader said that a strong link with LGUs and SUCs is vital to the fulfillment of each project.

“SUC is a portal of knowledge, beacon of innovation and a source of strong human resource”, he added.

Meanwhile, in his message, ISU President Ricmar Aquino expressed his gratitude to all participating institutions and in the creation of the International Organization for CCA-DRRM.

ISU Pres Ricmar Aquino magnifies importance of Climate change conference.

The international conference is the first of its kind wherein local and international researchers gather together to showcase their researches in mitigating disaster and learn from the able speakers not only in the Philippines but also experts in the other parts of the world.


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