ECHAGUE, Isabela – In support to the recently implemented Ordinance of the municipality of Echague, Isabela on Food Grading System, DOST II together with DOST PSTC Isabela in coordination with LGU Echague thru its Municipal Health Office conducted a Food Safety Training to different food establishments and school canteens especially the banchetto in its town.

Participant receives his certificate of completion to the food safety training

LGU Echague implemented Municipal Ordinance No. 2018-008, “Regulating Sanitation Standard Rating For Food and Drinking Establishment” in Echague, Isabela in order to strengthen and capacitate the different food firms and establishments, school canteens, and ambulant vendors in terms of trainings, seminars, and GMP certification.

Participants pose for a picture with the lecturers and facilitators of the food safety training

The Food Safety experts and also Cagayan Valley Food Safety Team members, Ms. Aileen C. Gonzales and Ms. Ruby Elumbra, discussed different Food Hazards explaining the acronym “FAT TOM”, fundamentals on Food Hygiene and conducted exercises for participants to better understand the concepts of Food Safety.

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