The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Isabela has installed at least 29 automatic rain gauges in different parts of the province.

Engr. Marcelo Miguel, DOST–Isabela chief, said the automatic rain gauges are instruments used in the measurement of rainfalls that poured into the province and the data that will be sourced will be used by local risk reduction and management councils in their disaster preparedness activities before a catastrophe reaches the affected residents particularly those that are living in low-lying areas.

The automatic rain gauges are installed in major bridges in Isabela and some at municipal and city halls. These instruments cost at least P65,000 per unit.

The DOST–Isabela started the installation of automatic rain gauges in 2012. There were 24 of such installed by 2013 and this year; it has added another six units of automatic rain gauges in the towns of Cordon, San Agustin, San Guillermo, Tumauini and San Mariano.

Engr. Miguel said the rain gauges will be useful during the rainy season as it transmits rainfall data to DOST website which in turn are used by local and national disaster risk reduction and management councils in disaster preparedness.

Engr. Miguel called on Isabelinos to protect and secure the automatic rain gauges as these instruments will be useful in times of heavy rainfall to prevent disasters.(PIA)


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