How to spot fraud in online shopping sites?

Here are the indicators of a fake website:
✖Products are advertised at very low prices compared to other websites
✖Online sellers have poor ratings or feedback
✖Online sellers ask buyers to pay by money transfer direct to their bank account instead of a preferred payment method
✖Website has little or no information about privacy and terms and conditions of use
✖Website does not have contact details such as a physical address or telephone number

These and other information to make digital marketplaces fairer and safer are being mainstreamed during this year’s Consumer Assembly of DTI in Region 2. DOST PSTC Isabela joined the roster of participants to support and witness the lined up activities which include Technical Forum, Awarding of Bagwis Awards and Regional winners of Poster making contest and Consumer Fun Run.

One of the websites that is safe to transact with is DOST’s that passed security checks of web certifying bodies. Click photos to see more information to enjoy safe and seamless online transactions.


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