Nov. 28- DOST 02 brings together Air21, DragonPay Corporation, Landbank of the Philippines, and eGHL PH in the conduct of OneSTore strategic planning at West Avenue Suites Hotel, Quezon City.

In few years, OneSTore is pictured to compete with other e-commerce platform in the country through leadership of its project leader Engr. Sancho A. Mabborang and the whole OneStore team nationwide.

Dir. Mabborang spoke of the uniqueness of OneStore that highlights it from other companies such as locally-made and distinct products rarely seen in malls and other online stores.

“OneStore exists because of our MSMEs. Our goal is to empower them”, he reminded the participants. He also stressed OneStore’s impact to both MSMEs themselves and the industry.

Meanwhile, said partners are expected to discuss their operations to the group and the services available in the improvement of OneStore’s system and transactions.

To guarantee them of a good business with DOST, Dir. Mabborang said that OneStore will never run out of products as long as SETUP exists, and as long as support to MSMEs continue.



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