Engr. Marcelo G. Miguel, Provincial Science and Technology Director of Isabela, served as one of the guest speakers during the forum held at the Convention Hall of DA-CVRC Complex, San Felipe, City of Ilagan, Isabela.
During his speech, he said that it is no doubt that Isabela should be the one conducting this forum because the province is the top producer of corn in the entire Philippines and City of Ilagan be the host City because of its vast contribution to the total produce of the province on the corn commodity.
“This forum is a perfect avenue to discuss the problems, opportunities and possible collaboration in a multi-sectoral perspective and be at par with other countries that exploits the great potential of corn to their benefit.”, he added.
According to him, this 1st National Scientific Forum on Corn Production and Utilization also gives opportunity to make friends, build and strengthen partnerships and spur a harmonious discussion with experts and able speakers.
He also encouraged the SUCs, government agencies and private sector to take part in considering corn as one of their main topic for their research.
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